Aug 30, 2022

Set Time Zone when Creating Company Account

We now automatically set your account's time zone to be your local time zone. Previously, when creating a new account with Prefinery, we set all accounts to the `Eastern Time (US & Canada)` time zone and you had to manually change it to your local time zone.

Aug 29, 2022

Clarified Dependency on MaxMind Sub-processor

We are no longer using MaxMind to perform geolocation of our Customers' IP addresses when a new account is created. Furthermore, usage of MaxMind to perform geolocation of our Customers' End Users' IP addresses is now restricted to End Users created using our REST API. This means that for most projects (those utilizing our embedded form or popup form) we no longer rely on any third-party sub-processor to provide geolocation services.

For more information, see our complete sub-processor list or disable the IP address geolocation feature for your projects.

Jul 18, 2022

Support Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

With Google sunsetting Universal Analytics next year, we've gone ahead and introduced support for Google Analytics 4 so you can set that up as early as now. Check out our help guide on how you can set that up with Prefinery here.

New feature
Jul 14, 2022

Add Share over SMS Button

You can now include a share via SMS button on both your referral page and email messages. Just head to Referral Page > Settings > Networks to enable it.

Jun 10, 2022

Deep Link to Social Media Apps from Links in Email Messages

When clicking/tapping on share buttons on a mobile device, it will now open the corresponding app instead of a browser window/tab. 

New feature
Jun 09, 2022

Add Share on Telegram Button

You can now include a Telegram share button on both your referral page and email messages. Just head to Referral Page > Settings > Networks to enable it. 

New feature
Jun 06, 2022

2-step Unsubscribe aka Confirmed Unsubscribe

Even the most legitimate of emails can be falsely flagged as spam/phishing despite email best practices resulting into automatically unsubscribing the user from the emails without them knowing, and even when they themselves didn't want to. We've introduced two-click confirmed unsubscribe to get around this. You can find more information about it here

New feature
Feb 13, 2022

Record Page User Was On When They Were Added to Project

We've added 2 new user data points to allow you to track from which page and through what method the user was added to your project. 

From your Prefinery dashboard, you'll find both the Creation Method (e.g. if you have multiple forms or ways to add the user to the project from the same page) and the Creation Page which is hyperlinked with the Creation URL, in the user's profile. 

Jan 23, 2022

Add IP address [is / is not] Advanced Search Query

You can now search/filter users by IP address. 

New feature
Jan 19, 2022

Send New Email Messages Retroactively to Users for which the Trigger Event Already Occurred

Newly drafted/cloned email message can now still be sent to users even if the status change trigger (opt-in subscription confirmation, applies, invited, rejected, activated, idled, and imported) has already happened for them as long as the delivery delay you've set for it prior to activating the message hasn't elapsed for the user yet.